Asteroid Orbit Diagrams for SwellForm Printers

Overview Table

Object* Braille** Text** Model***
1998 KY26 ky26.pdf ky26text.pdf ky26.jpg
Toutatis toutatis.pdf toutatistext.pdf toutatis.jpg
Castalia castalia.pdf castaliatext.pdf castalia.jpg
Golevka golevka.pdf golevkatext.pdf golevka.jpg



1-hour observation with the Yerkes Observatory 24" telescope

Bacchus bacchus.pdf bacchustext.pdf bacchus.jpg
Geographos geographos.pdf geographostext.pdf geographos.jpg
Eros eros.pdf erostext.pdf eros.jpg
Dinosaur dino.pdf dinotext.pdf  

* Descriptions by Dr. Steve Ostro (JPL)

** Diagrams created with, and adapted by Noreen Grice, You Can Do Astronomy LLC

***Asteroid scale models by Serra Designs Inc.