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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: Hemisphere Maps

Hemisphere chart.jpg (452713 bytes) Hemispheres- completed.jpg (235199 bytes)

Place two plates side by side—akin to old charts—and make map of world as individual perceives it.

Hemispheres-_Africa_Eurasia_2.jpg (16569 bytes)Onto paper trace the continents from an atlas at a scale that will fit on a plate.

Hemispheres-_cutouts_only.jpg (24215 bytes) Cut out the continents (and save them for a Plate Teachtonics lessons)... 


Hemispheres-_2_plates_with_continents.jpg (18891 bytes) ...and place the continent outlines on blank plates.


 Hemispheres-_2_plates_outlined.jpg (16252 bytes) Trace the continent outlines onto the plates.  Antarctica is omitted in this sample.

Hemispheres-_2_plates_cutouts.jpg (20658 bytes)Cut the continents out of the plates.  Stack this continent template on a cheap, unwaxed blank plate to duplicate the continent outlines readily. 


Hemispheres-_Sarah_finishes.jpg (24378 bytes)Color in the continents.

Hemispheres-_completed.jpg (18362 bytes) Align the plates side by side and display as a hemisphere map.

Images and text for the following examples of dual-hemisphere and other world maps are courtesy of Garwood & Voigt, Fine & Rare Books Maps & Prints.

Pair of maps of the two hemispheres on separate sheets. California is shown as a large island. The continents are shown in outline with accentuated chains of mountains. T.Burnet for an edition of Theory of the Earth c. 1690 [7270] Each hemisphere 18 cms in diameter. Laid down on thin paper, Western hemisphere with very thinned paper in places. Shirley 507 

'GLOBUS TERRESTRIS...'. Double hemisphere chart with two small circular diagrams and tables of explanations below. J.G.Schreiber c. 1750 [14513] 16 x 24 cm. Full original colour. 

‘TYPUS ORBIS TERRARUM’. Double hemisphere world map with figures and scenes in the four corners illustrating the four continents. Insular California. Peter Conrad Monath in Nürnberg c. 1760 [18174] 25 x 29 cm. Decorative cartouche above and illustration of a globe below. Full original colour, the figures uncoloured. 

‘PLANIGLOBII TERRESTRIS MAPPA UNIVERSALIS ... / MAPPE-MONDE QUI REPRESENTE LES DEUX HEMISPHERES...’. Double hemisphere world map with two uncoloured cartouches, four smaller circular polar projections and two small circular celestial diagrams. J. M. Haas for Homann Heirs 1746 [10577] 46 x 55 cm. Original outline colour, the continents fully coloured.

'LE GLOBE TERRESTRE REPRESENTE EN DEUX PLANS-HEMISPHERES...'. Double hemisphere chart. California is shown as an island. J.Chiquet c. 1719 [7134] 16 x 22 cm. Elaborately engr. title cartouche. Original outline Colour. 

‘MAPPEMONDE OU DESCRIPTION GENERALE DU GLOBE TERRESTRE’. Double hemisphere world map in elaborate framework, two astronomical diagrams, compass rose and large table of explanations below. Insular California. Chatelain c. 1720 [17688] 33 x 44 cm. Recent outline colour. 

'ORTHOGRAPHIA GEOMETRICA HEMISPHAERII ORIENTALIS. FOL.Q'. H.Scherer c. 1700 [7261] 24 x 19 cm. Three astronomical diagrams below. 

‘NUOVA CARTA DEL POLO ARTICO...’. North Polar projection, insular California. Tirion c. 1738 [15600] 28 x 32 cm. Previously folded. Recent outline Colour. 

‘POLI ARCTICI ET CIRCUMIACENTIUM TERRARUM DESCRIPTIO NOVISSIMA’. Circular map of the North Pole incl. Northern Europe, Russia, Greenland and Canada. Central cartouche. Decorative vivid whaling scenes surrounding the map. Henricus Hondius 1638 [18046] 43 x 49 cm. Burden 246/3. Uncoloured. 

‘A NEW MAP OF THE WORLD SHEWING THE COURSE OF SR. FRANCIS DRAKE, WILLIAM SCHOUTEN AND CAPT. WILLIAM DAMPIER’S VOYAGES ROUND IT’. Double hemisphere world map, showing California as an island. Anonymous, but from Harris/Compleat Collection of Voyages c. 1705 [17878] 29 x 54 cm. Excellent condition, uncoloured. 

‘PLANIGLOBIEN’. Double hemisphere world map. J.Boreux [for F. W. Streit], publ. by Hinrichs in Leipzig c. 1830 [16548] 25 x 50 cm. Faint original outline colour. Side margins closely trimmed. Uncommon.

Contributed by Chuck Bueter.


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