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"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: How Far the Planets?

How_Far_planet_orbits.jpg (14748 bytes)

Measure the varying distances of the planets in orbit to reveal their proximity to earth and to each other.

[Note: Text to accompany these images has yet to be uploaded to this page.]

How_Far_cutting_orbits_row_2.jpg (21193 bytes) How_Far_cutting_orbits_2_zoom.jpg (26695 bytes) How_Far_cutting_orbits_3.jpg (20062 bytes) How_Far_stacking_orbits.jpg (13707 bytes) How Far paper fastener backside.jpg (108431 bytes) How Far planet orbits 2.jpg (105406 bytes) How_Far_fingering_dots.jpg (14634 bytes) How_Far_placing_dots.jpg (13537 bytes) How_Far_teacher_demo.jpg (29963 bytes) How_Far_sharing_notes.jpg (15160 bytes)  How_Far_with_meausurer_across_zoom.jpg (15732 bytes) How_Far_with_meausurer_across_2.jpg (13940 bytes) How_Far_with_meausurer_2_students.jpg (14107 bytes) How_Far_with_meausurer_across_3.jpg (14692 bytes) How_Far_teacher_pointing.jpg (20372 bytes) How Far hands raised.jpg (135637 bytes) How_Far_planet_orbits.jpg (14748 bytes) How_Far_Gene_with_plate.jpg (16193 bytes) Shaker_holding_plates.jpg (18465 bytes)

Contributed by Gene Zajac.


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