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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: The Vanishing Spacecraft

Draw a small planet and a spacecraft on the paper plate about 6 cm (2   inches) apart.  Use the right eye to make the spacecraft vanish.  Position the ringed planet in front of the right eye at arm’s length.  Close the left eye.  Concentrate your vision from your right eye on the planet and slowly move the paper plate to your face.  As the planet approaches, note when the spacecraft disappears.

Use the left eye to make the planet vanish.  Position the spacecraft in front of your left eye at arm’s length.  Close your right eye.  Stare at the spacecraft while slowly moving the paper to your face. Note when the planet disappears and reappears.  You have discovered the blind spot in each eye.  Why don’t we have a blind spot(s) in our vision when we use both eyes?

Contributed by Bob Sledz.

GLPA Proceedings, 1997, p. 36.


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