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AFTAPP Picture Gallery

tile_CJB.jpg (43487 bytes)Tile depicts Taurus, Pleiades, Crab Nebula, Orion, Trapezium, ecliptic, Saturn, waning crescent moon and Venus.

tile_Trapezium.jpg (41591 bytes) Four shells represent young Trapezium stars within nebula.

Tile-_Gemini_stick_figures.jpg (38274 bytes) Tile depicts Gemini twins with Jupiter.

Tile-_lion_underway.jpg (35019 bytes) Teacher designs lion figure for tile.

Tile-Seven_dancing_brothers.jpg (38960 bytes) Tile depicts Seven Dancing Brothers encircling the campfire with lion nearby.

Tile-_several_pre-kiln.jpg (37967 bytes) Several tile components await drying in the oven.

wpe1A.jpg (69305 bytes) Tile depicting Taurus takes shape.

Parade Circle Wali.jpg (38521 bytes) Paper plates are used at summer festival.

Drinking gourd simple 1.jpg (24247 bytes) A simplified Drinking Gourd II plate shows the position of the drinking gourd through the seasons.

Parade Circle woman by table.jpg (38151 bytes) Paper plates convey the changing position of the Big Dipper and its role in finding Polaris.  The activity shown is supporting a lesson on the Drinking Gourd.

wpe24.jpg (46185 bytes) Children decorate star field plates at Cleveland's Parade the Circle.

wpe26.jpg (39957 bytes) A creative visitor discovers how the sun projects starfield of the Big Dipper against dark shadow of the plate.

GLPA 2001 poster 03.jpg (400070 bytes) GLPA 2001 poster 05 zoom.jpg (365490 bytes)A poster at the 2001 SEPA-GLPA Annual Conference explains the AFTAPP program.

More workshop pictures...

Dsc00005.jpg (26065 bytes) Dsc00008.jpg (22500 bytes) Dsc00009.jpg (18216 bytes) Dsc00010.jpg (23134 bytes)
Dsc00012.jpg (21080 bytes) Dsc00013.jpg (20717 bytes) Dsc00014.jpg (21896 bytes) Dsc00016.jpg (23271 bytes) Dsc00017.jpg (30447 bytes)
Dsc00019.jpg (31240 bytes) Score around template.jpg (14498 bytes) Dsc00021.jpg (22360 bytes) Dsc00022.jpg (26157 bytes) Dsc00023.jpg (29835 bytes)
Dsc00026.jpg (27168 bytes) Dsc00054.jpg (21659 bytes) Dsc00030.jpg (27034 bytes) Dsc00031.jpg (25594 bytes) Dsc00032.jpg (20843 bytes)
Dsc00033.jpg (19672 bytes) Dsc00035.jpg (23553 bytes) Scoring clay.jpg (18746 bytes) Dsc00059.jpg (20865 bytes) Dsc00038.jpg (28398 bytes)
Dsc00039.jpg (22061 bytes) Dsc00041.jpg (23111 bytes) Dsc00042.jpg (22086 bytes) Dsc00043.jpg (20215 bytes) Dsc00044.jpg (13234 bytes)
Dsc00045.jpg (15959 bytes) Dsc00046.jpg (19637 bytes) Dsc00057.jpg (29998 bytes) CJB, tile, child.jpg (26142 bytes) Dsc00047.jpg (27876 bytes)
Wali light box.jpg (23526 bytes) Dsc00051.jpg (16093 bytes) Dsc00053.jpg (13454 bytes) Dsc00060.jpg (186368 bytes) Dsc00056.jpg (21087 bytes)

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