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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Site Map

Activities! The heart of this website--a collection of hands-on activities that use paper plates to supplement lessons in astronomy and other disciplines.  Required surfing, from Analemmas to Zoetropes.  
AFTAPP Astronomy Foundations Through Art & Paper Plates (AFTAPP), a program in which teachers fuse informed stargazing, related lore, and modern astronomical discoveries into their own interpretation of specific constellations.  Participants make artistic tiles that represents their modern understanding of those constellations.
Analemma Project Trace the path of the noon sun across the earth for one year to recreate an analemma, the figure-8 shape seen on some globes.
AstroCamp Experience a stargazing adventure at an astronomy camp for kids in Three Rivers, Michigan.  
Awards Kind acknowledgments from a few Internet interests who found this site to be interesting. 
Background Information on round paper instruments (volvelles) that date to the 15th century; the use of paper plates in the past; and the development of the Paper Plate Education website and materials.
Bad Moons Rising Excerpts from children's picture books that depict the moon erroneously.
Credits A partial listing of contributors to the collective effort of Paper Plate Education .
FAQ Some frequently (and less-than-frequently) asked questions.
Feedback Form to e-mail comments and questions to Chuck Bueter.
Full Circle Exquisite art constructed from paper plates which honors the circle.
Hot Tub Astronomy Some non-paper activities are conducive for use in the spa, the premiere stargazing site.
Lighting Issues Save the heritage of the night sky through better use of outdoor lights.  (Site expanded to www.nightwise.org.) 
Links A list of websites with related material and paper plate activities published independently of Paper Plate Education.
Objectives Fusing the enthusiasm and talent of space scientists and educators to yield appreciation for and understanding of the firmament.  Here are a few measurable steps.
Photo Gallery Pictures of people doing paper plate activities.
Publications A list of references for papers and posters relating to paper plate activities, from 1992 to 2002.
Transit of Venus Introduction Features the June 8, 2004, celestial spectacle in which the disk of Venus is seen passing in front of the sun.  Much more content at www.transitofvenus.org.  
Transit of Venus Program Resources for educators and planetarians covering the transit of Venus.  Includes DVD and data CD set; optional audio CD; optional slides; digital images; animations and video clips; and links to other materials.
Upcoming Events Current or upcoming celestial highlights with suggested paper plate activities to accompany them.
Streaming Video
Excerpts of pictures and instructions from the 70-minute Paper Plate Astronomy videotape/DVD, which demonstrates the construction and use of nine paper plate activities and variations; also links to videotape/DVD order form.
What's New? An ongoing list of material that is added to the website.  See this page to stay current with all changes, corrections, and additions to Paper Plate Education.



Home Activities! Site Map Light Pollution What's New? Upcoming Events
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