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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"


Thank you to the following Internet parties for acknowledging  Paper Plate Education and its contributors:

Griffith Observatory
October 21-27, 2001



Yahoo! Picks

April 6, 2002




USA Today  
April 9, 2002



Seven Wonders
Education and Information Site of the Week
April 30, 2002



Highlights for Children

Highlights for Children 
May 6, 2002

 Way Cool Site Award
August 12, 2002
EduNET Choice Award
"Site of the Week"
January 20, 2003

For Extraordinary Effort

Science-Web-Award Seal
"For Extraordinary Effort"
February, 2003

A 2003 Toyota TAPESTRY grant has been awarded to establish a clearinghouse for transit of Venus resources through the Paper Plate Education website.  

March 10, 2003



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