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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Astronomy Foundations Through Art & Paper Plates

AFTAPP is  a program in which teachers fuse informed stargazing, related lore, and modern astronomical discoveries into their own interpretation of specific constellations.  Participants make artistic tiles that represents their modern understanding of those constellations.  The workshops follow a "Cycles" theme--birth, life, and death-- both in the African mythologies and in the evolution of stars.  

Program Description  Describes intended format of AFTAPP teacher workshop series.
Picture Gallery   Shows tiles being made at teacher workshop, new Drinking Gourd activity, AFTAPP activities at urban street festival, and AFTAPP poster at planetarium conference.
Workshop Synopsis Outlines possible material to be covered in teacher workshop.  Details concepts, terms, mythologies, and principles of observational astronomy.
Spring 2002 Planets Event! Predict this extraordinary dance of the planets with a Planet Pointer--then watch it unfold.  Diagrams and charts convey planet alignment for April and May, 2002.  Other activities suggested.
Star Charts Print a sky charts of four seasonal views; of Taurus with M1; of Orion with M43; and of the north circumpolar stars.  Or make your own whole sky chart at Heavens-Above.
IDEAS Grant  Describes IDEAS grant administered by the Space Telescope Science Institute, which funded the AFTAPP program.
Final Performance Report General summary of grant outcomes.

Special thanks go to Nancy Nolan-Jones of the African American Museum in Cleveland, OH.  Her efforts contributed greatly to the execution and overall success of the AFTAPP program.


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