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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"


A list of references for papers, posters, and video relating to paper plate activities, from 1992 to 2002



IPS Poster from left.jpg (36996 bytes) Poster displayed at 2002 International Planetarium Society (IPS) Conference in Wichita, KS.

GLPA 2002 poster.jpg (22960 bytes) Poster displayed at 2002 Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA) Annual Conference in Menasha, Wisconsin; announces Transit of Venus.

GLPA 2001 poster 03.jpg (400070 bytes)  Poster at the 2001 SEPA-GLPA Annual Conference; explains the AFTAPP program.

poster 1999 kzoo.jpg (17629 bytes) Poster displayed at 1999 GLPA Annual Conference in Kalamazoo, MI; offers a paper plate update.

Posters not shown:

Poster at 2000 GLPA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL; details video excerpts of the Platisphere activity.

Poster at 1998 GLPA Annual Conference in Nashville, IN; details how to make a Paper Plate Planet Projector for Portable Planetariums (P6).

Poster at 1997 GLPA Annual Conference in Cleveland, OH; details Bad Moons Rising.


From the Proceedings of the Annual GLPA Conference:

 “Astronomy Foundations Through Art and Paper Plates (AFTAPP),” Chuck Bueter, 2001.

“Video Excerpts of the Platisphere,” Chuck Bueter, 2000, pp. 67-68.

“Paper Plate Update,” Chuck Bueter, 1999, pp. 35-37.

“Making a Paper Plate Planet Projector,” Chuck Bueter, 1998, pp. 110-111.

“Making a Paper Plate Rainbow Finder,” Chuck Bueter, 1998, pp. 111-112.

“Bad Moons Rising,” Chuck Bueter, 1997, p. 161.

“Making a Salad Spinner Zoetrope,” Chuck Bueter, 1997, p. 163.

"Stars That Never Set," April Whitt, 1997, p. 155.

"Starlab All-Sky Projectors," Chuck Bueter, 1997, p.147.

“Paper Plate Planet Pointer for Portable Planetariums (P6),” Chuck Bueter, 1996, pp. 47-50.

“Altitude of the Noon Sun,” Chuck Bueter, 1995, pp. 44-46.

“Moon Dials and Paper Plate Models,” Chuck Bueter, 1994, pp. 31-33.

"A Customized Sundial One-Pager," David Batch, 1993, pp. 25-27.

"Use of Wayne James' Paper Plate Astronomy in a Primary Parent-Child Class," Jeanne E. Bishop, 1993, pp. 34-38.

"The Paper Plate Meets the Football Field," Wayne James, 1993, p. 51.

"Paper Plate Astronomy," J. Wayne James, 1992, pp. 78-85.


"Paper Plate Astronomy" videotape, by the Great Lakes Planetarium Association, 70 minutes, 2001.

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