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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: As The World Turns

As_World_Turns_blank_circle.jpg (19885 bytes)On a 6-inch circle of paper, draw and color two pictures.  



As World Turns 4.jpg (424812 bytes)Color a day scene on half of the circle and a night scene on the other half.  


As_World_Turns_horizon_plate.jpg (13241 bytes)Cut a window out of a paper plate (retaining a central tab).  


Affix the circle to the back side of the plate with a paper fastener.  


Rotate the plate to show the day...


...segue into the night.


As World Turns 3.jpg (459380 bytes)  

Below, four teachers attending a K-4 level "Teaching Space" workshop for Northeast Ohio Education Association (NEOEA) Day create their own day and night paper plates.  Images courtesy of Sharon Shanks.

Activity contributed by Dave DeRemer

GLPA Proceedings, 1993, p. 36-37.


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