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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: Lunar Surface

Clay lunar landscapes.jpg (411986 bytes)

Create models of the moon's surface using clay.  

Lunar clay overlay design.jpg (106004 bytes) High school students write descriptions of six lunar features and draw a design for their plate.

Lunar clay overlay.jpg (105777 bytes) Then use clay to build the mock lunar surface.


  Lunar rover on clay.jpg (450248 bytes) Lunar clay 1.jpg (115647 bytes) Lunar clay 2.jpg (115092 bytes) Lunar clay 3.jpg (138986 bytes) Lunar clay 4.jpg (103296 bytes) Lunar clay 5.jpg (130367 bytes) Lunar clay 6.jpg (131479 bytes) Lunar clay 7.jpg (114060 bytes) Lunar clay multiple.jpg (119757 bytes)
Plates by high school students.

 Clay lunar surface K zoom.jpg (409312 bytes) Lunar clay S1.jpg (109998 bytes) Lunar_clay_S2.jpg (25697 bytes)
Plates by kindergarten students.

Contributed by Gene Zajac.


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