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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activity: Oreo Moon Phases

Oreo-complete_plate.jpg (23364 bytes)  Oreo-three_stages_of_plates.jpg (27074 bytes)

Halve and scrape Oreo® cookies to illustrate moon phases.  Then arrange cookies on plate's perimeter around a central Earth.  Prior to the student project, the teacher can build a larger version, using regular-size cookies on a round cake tray.   A useful instruction sheet (right) is at oreo-template.doc, courtesy of Becky Nelson.

Oreo-girl placing minis.jpg (420813 bytes)Oreo-boy placing minis.jpg (380733 bytes)   After twisting apart bite-size Oreo® cookies, students scrape off the cream to simulate the four primary moon phases.
Oreo- kindergarten template.jpg (191166 bytes)Oreo-student plate.jpg (274880 bytes) Young students place the appropriate moon phases on pre-marked, labeled paper plates.
Oreo- boy licking thumb.jpg (359851 bytes) The rewards of studying science prove tasty.
Oreo- teacher glues with icing.jpg (413719 bytes) A teacher uses cake frosting to "glue" the moon phases onto the paper plate.  Peanut butter (as glue) works well for the short term, but in time it causes the plate to get greasy under the cookies.
Oreo-smile underway.jpg (284426 bytes) How can you not smile when the only failed components are cookies to be eaten?
Oreo- eight stage template.jpg (150794 bytes) Older students can place additional components on their plates.
Oreo-complete and scraps.jpg (333220 bytes) Of course, with the completion of a plate comes an array of scraps to be disposed...somehow.
Oreo- S happy with plate 2.jpg (372916 bytes) A successful plate yields a deserved smile of satisfaction.
Oreo-cubbies filled.jpg (438907 bytes) Plates await the end of the school day to be taken home.

For techniques in using a more advanced version of this plate, see the Moon Finder activity.

Contributed by Chuck Bueter.

Check out this instruction sheet for practical tips, courtesy of Becky Nelson.

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