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Transit of Venus: Thumbnails

Contact sheets show thumbnails of the images used in the Transit of Venus program.   To view a contact sheet in high resolution with greatest clarity, click the contact sheet number (the text).  To view a smaller contact sheet in low resolution, click the small image above the contact sheet number (the thumbnail).

CS01.jpg (26521 bytes) FinalCS02.jpg (130945 bytes) CS03.jpg (26525 bytes)

Contact sheet 1
(Images 001-030)

Contact sheet 2
(Images 031-061)
Contact sheet 3
(Images 062-091)
CS04.jpg (26159 bytes) CS05.jpg (24160 bytes) CS06.jpg (25445 bytes)
Contact sheet 4
(Images 092-121)
Contact sheet 5
(Images 122-151)
Contact sheet 6
(Images 152-181)
CS07.jpg (26242 bytes) CS08.jpg (27955 bytes) CS09.jpg (8491 bytes)
Contact sheet 7
(Images 182-211)
Contact sheet 8
(Images 212-x242)*
Contact sheet 9
(Images x243 and x244)*

*Note:  Images whose numbers begin with an X appear in the script out of sequence from the others.  They were added after the original numbering was done, so by default they are placed at the end of the contact sheets.  Also, a few images have been removed so there are breaks in the numbering.


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