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Paper Plate Education
"Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate"

Activities:  The Planetarian's Series

Title Description Content
All-Sky Projectors for Portable Planetariums Project all-sky images onto the inside of a Starlab dome for pennies apiece using clear plastic cups. 
GLPA Logo Given either a date or an hour, determine what time or season is suggested by the star pattern of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association logo. Ref.
P6 Construct hand-held projectors to indicate the current planet and moon positions inside a portable planetarium for any given time. Ref.
Planetarium Planet Plotting Track the motion of visible planets and correlate the plate view with both the planetarium sky and the real night sky. Ref.
Plate-a-tarium Build the ultimate plate model that depicts features of celestial sphere, indicates real time position of planets and zodiac, and illustrates rising and setting position of sun for any date. Pix
Slide tray index Make a useful index for slide trays that doubles as a dust shield. Pix

[Note: As we build this site we will be uploading much information that has already been published.  The far right column indicates what you will find if you click the links that are highlighted under the Title column.  "Ref" indicates that the material was previously published in the respective Proceedings of the Annual Great Lakes Planetarium Association Conference and the reference is cited.  As a membership benefit, GLPA members may order back issues from GLPA while supplies last.  "Pix" indicates that a picture or image(s) can be found at the Title's linked page.  "Text" indicates that you can find text or a write-up on the activity at the linked page,  though some instructions are admittedly sparse for now.]


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